About Tiffin Wala

Company Overview

Tiffinwala is a dream of providing quality and delicious meals to people from all walks of life. The “khane ka daba” has a special place in our hearts, and right from our childhood we possess memories of the food in the daba, the excitement of opening the tiffin and enjoying tasty food with friends.

As people move to bigger cities for job and to earn a living, they not only are away from home cooked meals, they are deprived of quality food that tastes good. Mostly while offering existing tiffin services, one is not sure about too many things and it is a gamble to pay for the service and hope then that food that comes in is eatable. Often service providers offer discounts and cheap meals, to be profitable they cut costs, source poor quality vegetables, use low grade cooking oil, and more. At Tiffinwala each and every meal is cross checked for quality and we source the best of ingredients.

No worries “TiffinWala” is there, to cater to all the hungry souls!!

We started TiffinWala as the go to website for anyone to order Tiffin, may be just once or regularly, we service everyone. We offer ease, standardize the process at all our kitchens and control the procurement of raw materials and we are just a click away.

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Vision & Mission

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